What Is Going _Above And Beyond__ Seven Ways To Better Serve Your Customers

The phrase “going above and beyond” gets tossed around a lot in the business world. It can mean any number of different things, from contributing added value to simply being a customer service superstar. Every business is unique, but there are a few ways to always go above and beyond for your customers. If you do, you’ll begin to build a ton of loyalty and retain your customer base for years to come!

Give Your Reps The Tools They Need

The first thing that you have to do is give your reps the tools that they need to serve your customers in the best possible way. You need to set up KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, that let your reps fully comprehend the scope of their responsibilities and understand exactly what’s expected of them by the company. They need to know what the gold standard of customer service is! Don’t be ambiguous when it comes to your expectations. Set your reps up for success from Day One! (v)WeCare reps are given comprehensive and ongoing training. They know exactly what they have to do to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Make Sure That Your Security Is On Point

It should be standard, but you’d be surprised to learn how many companies are a little bit lax when it comes to security! Limit the access your reps have to certain websites, disable USB ports and monitor your reps’ internet usage. It’s not micromanaging- it’s being smart about your customer’s data. (v)WeCare reps have limited admin access rights and we have 24/7 security monitoring for this exact reason. We take our client’s sensitive information very seriously, and we work to protect it!

Show Empathy And Compassion In Each Call

Nothing riles a customer up more than feeling like their words are falling on deaf ears. They don’t want to be rushed off the phone, or have their feelings downplayed by a rep who is simply watching the clock until lunch. Let your reps know that empathy is the most important component of any customer service call. They need to be able to relate and build a rapport if they want to go above and beyond for the customer. All (v)WeCare reps know that they need to exercise compassion and empathy on every customer call. Even difficult or argumentative customers get the white-glove treatment from us!

Dig Down To The Root Of The Problem

Sometimes the thing that seems to be the problem is not actually the problem! Customers might not be able to articulate exactly what’s wrong, so it’s up to the rep to ask probing questions and get to the heart of the matter. Getting to the root of the customer complaint is imperative when it comes to quickly addressing their needs. Many complaints can be solved on the first call if the rep simply takes the time to ask the right questions. At (v)WeCare, we believe in handling problems as quickly and comprehensively as possible. That’s why our reps are trained to ask the right questions.

Give Immediate Feedback And Answers Whenever Possible

We live in an amazing time when communicating with your customers has never been easier! On the flip side, your customers know that you have the tools at your disposal to answer their queries and address their problems rapidly. Take full advantage of everything in your arsenal, from live chat to social media and you will be truly going above and beyond for your customers. (v)WeCare reps are technologically savy and able to communicate with customers across new and old platforms. Our customers know that we will use all means possible to help them!

Limit Call Hold Times And Transferring

You can have the best customer service reps in the world, but if you have long hold times or multiple transfers on a single call, your customers are not going to be feeling the love. Nothing is more annoying than getting bounced around from department to department in search of a simple answer! Keep your hold times and transferring to an absolute minimum. (v)WeCare reps know the importance of this, and we empower our reps to be able to provide quick answers to customer problems so no excessive transferring is needed! 

Empower Your Team To Act Quickly

Finally, you need to empower your team to act quickly. Many times, customers will dread dialing into call centers because they’re afraid of being stuck on hold for long periods of time, hopscotching through departments, or dealing with someone who simply can’t help them. Make sure that your team has the tools to be able to help your customers and you’ll be going far above and beyond! At (v)WeCare, our reps are fully trained and knowledgeable in all product offerings, and our project managers are experts on a number of different fronts, so they have the answers that the customer needs.

Don’t be mediocre in your business. Shine in your customer service by going above and beyond!

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