Five Ways To Take Your Customer Service To The Next Level

Most companies have a customer service department, but how many have what it takes to really excel in customer service?

The answer, sadly, is not too many. Poor customer service is one of the top reasons why customers go elsewhere. In today’s fierce global marketplace your competitors are already trying to lure your precious customers away. Why make it easier for them? There are five sure-fire ways that you can take your customer service to the next level. Implement them today, and you’ll set the groundwork for a loyal customer base that wouldn’t dream of straying!

Maintain A Healthy Office Environment

When we talk about a healthy office environment, we’re not referring to physical health, although you should certainly extend sick and personal time to your reps! We’re talking about keeping your office clear of toxic forces like workplace bullies or a rampant gossip mill. If your reps feel like they are not valued, or worse that they’re being bullied by someone whose behavior is going unchecked, they will not be motivated to do their best work. Their performance will suffer and your customers will feel the brunt of it.

Every single (v)WeCare employee knows that they are valued. We do not tolerate office bullies or favoritism. Every day we strive to create a healthy and productive environment that is free of fear and office politics. Simply by creating a safe and friendly space for our reps to do their work we allow them to shine at their jobs!

Make Ongoing Training Part Of Your Office Culture

Sure, all of your reps got some training when they first came onboard, but are they being regularly briefed on all of the things that your company has to offer? If the answer is no, you need to reassess your training regimen. Far too often reps fall behind and are too scared to say anything about it. Even well-intentioned reps will give customers misinformation if they don’t know what they’re talking about. Make sure that your reps are being trained regularly, and let them know that there are no silly questions!

Training is a huge part of our office culture at (v)WeCare. Since our entire mandate revolves around providing the best customer service, we know that it’s crucial that our reps fully understand each product, offering or new company direction.

Check In With Your Reps

Make sure that your office is a space where open communication is encouraged. Reps should never be afraid to speak with you about any concerns or issues that they might have. Let your reps know that if they take a difficult call and need a moment to collect themselves, that it’s totally okay to jump out of the queue for a minute or two. Your reps are people too, so be flexible with them. If you see someone abusing your leniency, take action, but most reps will just be happy that you’re considerate of their feelings.

(v)WeCare reps operate as a team. We strive to create a positive and open environment for all of our employees. We check with our reps regularly and let them know that there are support structures in place for their well-being. In turn, they are more patient, relaxed and comfortable dealing with every customer.

Strive For A One-Call Solution

Most customer problems can be handled in a single call, so strive for as many one-call solutions as possible. There is nothing that irks customers more than having to call customer service repeatedly, so empower your reps with the information they need to solve customer problems swiftly and accurately the first time.

At (v)WeCare, our reps know that a one-call solution is the optimal way to provide great customer service. Through a combination of extensive training, skilled project management, and reps that know how to ask probing questions, we generally achieve this goal!

Conduct Regular And Productive Performance Reviews

It’s important to give your reps feedback if you want them to provide the outstanding service that your customers crave. Set a schedule for performance reviews and stick to it. Keep these reviews professional and constructive by giving detailed feedback and helpful suggestions.

(v)WeCare conducts regular call monitoring, which is a great way to see where the weaknesses and strengths of each rep lies. That way, we are able to provide each rep with the tools that they need to be a customer service superstar on the phone!

Competition is fierce and it’s more important than ever to take your customer service to the next level. Start implementing these five steps and see results today!

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