Make Customer Services Smarter with Cisco Based Call Centers

With competition amongst brands rising, customer service has become a tiebreaker that decides the interest of customers towards a particular product. To meet the emerging requirements of customers, companies are trying to put their best foot forward when it comes to customer services. Not only customer services need to excel at improving the customer satisfaction levels, it should also be able to address all customers. Moreover, considering the requirements of businesses these days, customer services should be available through every channel at any time. To meet this requirement of modern-day businesses, cisco based call centers are needed.

What Cisco Call Centers Have to Offer?

Cisco networking products have long been regarded as the epitome of quality. Whether it is the VoIP phones or hardware equipment like router, switches and adapters, cisco is well-known to deliver on every front in terms of efficiency and quality. To make the deal sweeter for call centers, cisco has come up with new and advanced software solutions that are capable of unifying communication across all channels. The latest cisco unified contact center enterprise offers a total call center solution by transforming your call center into a multichannel contact center.

The new solution by cisco is a smarter way to route calls and thus a better alternative to the ones that are available in the market. It is devised on an IP-based architecture, which is perfectly good for the new multichannel services.  Some of its major advantages for a business are:

  1. Comes with customer profile routing that increases the sources of data for making logical contact routing decisions in order to decide agent desktop applications
  2. Integrates web interaction management that helps call reps in responding quickly to queries by customers via text chat or website
  3. Availability of email interaction management system offers the complete solution for managing the major bulk of e-mail inquiries

Besides the overall business, the cisco call centers solution also offers benefits for the agents and managers:

  1. Features universal queue that provides information about an agent’s tasks and activities
  2. Equipped with remote agent support that offers identical UI to call center agents regardless of location
  3. Offers self-service application to maximize efficiency of call center reps

Cisco Based Call Centers: Access Them through Outsourcing

The cost of a software solution: like the one offered by cisco, can deter a company from buying it and using it in its day-to-day operation. This is not a good situation to be in, knowing that how good your business could be with that software solution but not having it in your repertoire. In this scenario, outsourcing your call center to a vendor that runs cisco based call centers ticks all the boxes. Not only you get the solution you desire the most, you also get excess to a workforce that is well-accomplished in cisco call centers software. Moreover, if you find a good outsourcing vendor in a developing country like India, you can save a lot on your operational expense.

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