How to Hire a New R&D Team by Firing Your Old Call Center Team?

With big players like Amazon and Microsoft spreading their wings, exploring the globe and tapping into new markets, smaller players are finding it hard to keep up with the competition. Even with appropriate funds for sustaining their core processes, they are unable to look ahead and deploy their own R&D (Research & Development) teams. This is the primary reason why most startups begin well, reach a tipping point early and then fade away or are consumed by big fish.

Hawks or sharks, call them what you may, global players are a force to reckon with. To counter these big players, smaller players need to think quickly and act fast. Otherwise, the ever-growing monopoly of bigger businesses will enshroud them sooner rather than later. Amidst this foreboding gloom, call center outsourcing solutions come as a ray of hope.

How Outsourced Call Center Solutions Can Boost Your R&D?

Up until now, the term R&D has been associated with military research or bigger companies. From time to time, smaller players have also tried their hand at R&D, but most of them haven’t gone very far. Mostly, they have been unable to establish a department due to lack of time or have created a team of misfits due to lack of financial resources.

Generally, it is seen that such departments (in smaller companies) work in isolation and are gimmicky in nature. They only create fancy solutions that have no bearing on the overall performance of the company. A great way to uplift the level of your R&D is by taking the help of an outsourced call center. It can help in the following ways:

  1. Provides additional finance that can be injected into R&D

When you outsource to a company located in a country that has an inferior currency value than your country, you make an instant profit due to an exchange rate that works in your favor. This money can be well-spent on creating a new R&D department or improving the one that you already have.


  1. Allows you to focus on R&D

The primary reason that prevents a company to venture into R&D is their inability to devote extra time on such processes. But, when you outsource, you automatically get more time that can be utilized in handling R&D tasks. This time can be used for hiring a VP of engineering for your R&D operations or actively participating in the ongoing research.

  1. Call center outsourcing solutions provide useful information for R&D

In case you haven’t set up an in-house R&D department due to lack of finances, you have missed on a great opportunity to tap into valuable customer insights. Nowadays, the operations of call centers are done using state-of-the-art software solutions that capture every detail. They keep track of users’ preferences, their purchase history and a whole lot of other data. All this data can be utilized by an R&D team to explore new avenues of attracting customers.


Given the many advantages of R&D departments, they make an excellent choice for those who wish to grow their businesses. Especially for headstrong businessmen, who want to challenge the giants in the industry, R&D is a must-have. If you are struggling to manage your customer-facing support team, then employing call center outsourcing solutions serves as a great alternative. With the power of outsourcing in your hands, you can even ditch your present in-house call center team and hire a new R&D team.

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