Fill the Void Left by FAQs with Chat Support

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) are useful. They are placed strategically on websites to address common issues faced by customers. However, sometimes there are certain questions that simply cannot be addressed by FAQs. ‘Will this motorcycle run well on roads in Nevada?’ or ‘What will happen if my laptop falls from my 4-feet high study table. Will I get replacement in case of damage?’ Such personal and multi-logical questions simply cannot be answered proactively in FAQs.

Answers to the aforementioned questions may be deduced from other FAQs or separate sections available on the website, but not many are willing to make that effort. Without finding an answer, a few will call your customer support number; some will try to seek information from Google and worst case of all, in their search for better information they may land on your competitor’s webpage. Business lost for you, business gained for them and all because you did not employ chat support outsourcing.

Focus on Customers’ Specific Queries with Chat Support

When a customer visits a website to buy a product, he has very specific questions in mind. These questions are best answered by employing chat support services. Some of the reasons why chat support works so well are listed below:

  1. Chat support expedites text-based communication – When it comes to text-based customer support services, chat support is probably the quickest. Other popular customer support processes like email support come with a long TAT (Turn Around Time) and delay the resolution of customers’ queries. Hence, chat support seems like a better choice.
  2. Easy to incorporate on website and convenient to access – Chat support system can be conveniently integrated into a website, which allows for easy access. So, whenever a customer is browsing through a website and stumbles onto a piece of information that is hard to comprehend, he can click on the chat support button and in a few simple steps find the resolution to his queries.
  3. No barrier of accent – If you are dealing with customers in the USA and employing outsourcing agents in USA, then it will be easy to carry out services (although you have to pay a lot more). However, if you are outsourcing the same process to a country like China, the communication will be hampered by accent. There are only a few select companies in the world outside the USA that can boast of employees with flawless neutral accent. So, the choices of hiring a voice-based service provider are low when compared with chat support service providers. Due to the availability of many well-established chat support outsourcing service providers, it will be easier to negotiate better deals with them.
  4. Helps in understanding customer preferences – The data accumulated via chat support can be easily fed to AI-based software for understanding trends and customer preferences. These insights can be used for adding new features in the product and formulating new marketing strategies.
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