Call Center Outsourcing In Your Backyard- Getting The Best Of Both Worlds

When you think about outsourcing, what are your concerns? Do you think about a company in a far-off place that may or may not be able to focus on your unique needs? How will you hold them accountable if they fail to live up to their end of the bargain? Will they be able to establish rapport with your customers?

These days, outsourcing comes in all shapes and forms. Some of it still occurs overseas, but some of it is done right in your own backyard. That’s right! Plenty of outsourcing is now done right in the United States of America, and that is a substantial advantage for your business.

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First and foremost, let’s deal with the obvious objection. Outsourcing to other countries can be less expensive, right? The reality is that you get what you pay for. Sometimes it’s better to go with an outsourcing partner who can understand your business needs and work with you to scale, rather than the cheapest option available. The money that you’ll save up front is minimal compared to the revenue that you stand to lose if you partner with the wrong company! There are plenty of reasons why your business should be celebrating the fact that outsourcing is now done right in your neighborhood.

You Will Not Have To Deal With Different Time Zones

Although the United States is broken up into several different time zones, the difference between time in New York City and time in Los Angeles is only a few hours. There are places in the world where the time difference is half a day! When you are working on getting a project up and running, or need support for your customers in real time, this kind of difference becomes almost insurmountable.

Call center outsourcing companies located in the United States of America are uniquely equipped to get things done right away. (v)WeCare works with many companies that are scaling at the speed of light. The fact that we offer United States outsourcing services works beautifully for our customers who need to get things done quickly.

They Can Develop Quicker Rapport With Your Customers

Even though we live in a global world, there are still matters of cultural differences. When your customers are on the phone with a call center rep, they want to be communicated with in a certain way. It’s absolutely critical for reps to establish a serious rapport with their customers, and having a shared cultural bond is one way of doing that!

(v)WeCare puts a premium on building rapport with customers. We specifically train all of our reps to fully embrace their empathetic side and work quickly to resolve any customer issues that may arise. We know that it’s important to connect with customers and are committed to being flexible enough to help your business succeed!

The Reps Are Well-Versed In Local Knowledge

Even the best-intentioned reps fall short when they don’t know what the customer is talking about. For example, if your customer is talking about CVS to someone who has never heard of the term, they could become irritated and think that the rep is just trying to pass the buck. There are plenty of different terms and locations that simply do not translate overseas. This can negatively impact customer rapport as well. Since call center reps are often unfairly stigmatized as lazy, the customer could think that they just aren’t listening or being willfully ignorant.

(v)WeCare reps located at United States based call centers don’t even need to think about deciphering local language or terms. They are fluent in local knowledge. That, coupled with their ability to act swiftly and effectively to solve customer problems puts them one step ahead of the game.

Many Legal Problems Melt Away

The logistics of working with a company that operates offshore can be challenging. One thing that keeps many business owners up at night is the question of whether or not their providers and partners will do what they say they are going to do. It’s no secret that companies have been burned by dealing with overseas companies that did not come through on what they said that they were going to do. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that is often difficult or impossible to recoup damages when you’re dealing with a company that operates in an entirely different legal system.

We all want to think the best things about our partners, but sometimes it’s good to employ some “worst-case scenario” thinking to an undertaking as big as hiring an outsourcing company. If things go awry, will you be able to get the proper compensation? (v)WeCare prioritizes our professionalism and treats our partners like gold, but we understand the skepticism that many companies have. That’s why we are home-based in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and completely transparent about being headquartered there.

The fact that outsourcing is now available right in your backyard is a truly awesome thing! It’s an exciting time to be a business that is hiring an outsourcer, and also a United States based outsourcer. There are so many collaborative opportunities on the horizon!

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