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Telecom Billing Solutions

Every customer expects transparency at the time of payment
The telecom industry has witnessed extensive growth since its inception. No doubt, the number of customers using these services continues to increase every moment. In this situation, all that a service provider looks for is an efficient billing and OSS system. The billing system is the basic link that connects a customer to his service provider. Irrespective of how happy the customer is with the services of a company, billing services are evidence for the trustworthiness of the company. A company can end up losing a customer even because of a small mistake.

You have your own business needs!
Vcare provides robust telecom billing solutions to service providers in various countries. With the passage of time, telecom companies have realized that their customers are no longer confined to their home countries. This is the reason they look for a streamlined billing service that caters to the requirements of customers in various countries.

Vcare understands that the business needs of your company are completely different from that of the other companies in your industry. The OSS telecom billing solutions of Vcare support your unique business requirements in the best possible manner. At Vcare, we also assure proper service delivery to our clients at every step. The payment gateway assures that any kind of fraud or duplication does not take place. Vcare provides you with telecom billing software that manages different aspects of your business. You need not worry about anything associated with your backend function. All you need to do is focus on your core business and leave the rest to us.

We provide you with
  • An integrated billing solution that meets all your requirements for data, content, voice as well as postpaid and prepaid convergence on mobile, fixed, IP and cable networks.
  • Flexible platform that encourages the delivery of innovative telecom services.
  • An OSS system that supports real-time integration with any platform.
  • Ability to assess revenue through real-time monitoring of bill cycles.
  • Maintenance of billing history for every customer.

We take the responsibility to make your customers happy
Vcare's telecom billing systems offer instant access to the billing information of a customer. This implies that a customer need not wait for the printed record of his bill. Vcare understands that it is not easy for a customer to maintain records of his billing information. Our efficient billing solutions allow a customer to view his billing history. He has uninterrupted access to all his records.

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