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Agent Portal

The portal is exclusively for the agents who can utilize it as and when they need. The main components of this portal are:

  • Commission Module: The module enables real-time monitoring of commissions and activations. All an agent needs to do is select the start and end dates. In addition, an agent can also monitor his performance during the specified time period. Moreover, agents also have the liberty to customize reports according to their requirements. Vcare offers a single commission report to its agents depending on the activations, top-ups as well as other profit-making activities.
  • Varied set-up levels: The module facilitates the categorization of agents at different levels according to their hierarchy. A separate commission is set for every level. An agent who is at a higher level can delete or add categories for sub-agents as well as the associated commissions.
  • Monitor Inventory: The module allows real-time tracking of inventory by an agent. This implies that an agent can decide when he needs to place an order for new inventory. In addition, the agents can take advantage of the fact that they are able to monitor the inventory that is available to them.
  • Order inventory: The module helps an agent place a request for new inventory at the click of a mouse. This can be done using the agent portal.