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Lifeline ETC Module

Lifeline ETC module allows a company to verify the authenticity of information provided by a subscriber. The important features of the module are:

  • Verification of name, age and Social Security Number
    Vcares Lifeline ETC module carries out an identity check for the subscriber by asking for his name, birth date and Social Security Number. The subscriber is not allowed to run any kind of application if the information provided by the subscriber does not match with the information present in the existing database. For instance, if the Social Security Number provided by a subscriber does not match with the Social Security Number that is there in our records, then the application would not work.
  • Confirmation of subscribers address
    Our Lifeline ETC module processes only those addresses that have been permitted by the United States Postal Services (USPS). In case any subscriber/agent enters an unfamiliar address, then the system would be unable to proceed further due to the unavailability of a valid address. Most of the time, the system automatically suggests the addresses that are USPS approved.
  • Check for duplicity and identity
    Lifeline ETC module carries out a duplicity check at the time an agent or a subscriber enters any information. The system easily catches for duplicity if the information provided by a prospective subscriber matches with the information of a present subscriber. In such a situation, the application of the new subscriber gets cancelled.
  • Check with state databases
    Vcares system is connected with the online database of all the important states. This allows our system to perform an instant eligibility check for a subscriber at the time of enrollment. The system prompts a success message if an applicants information matches with the information available in the database.
  • 497 Recording
    The availability of a separate module in our system enables a telecom company to prepare a monthly bill for its subscribers. You just need to press a button to get the work done.