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Best Call Center Techniques for customer retention

Several research reports and survey have reported how retaining of customers is more economical than acquiring the new ones. Quality of customer support is one of major factors that impact the retention of the customers.

Therefore, the brands of every sector must wisely invest in customer retention strategies in order to maintain the loyalty of customers. The companies usually take support of outsourcing service providers to increase the chances of customer retention.
Here is the list of major techniques through which call centers can retain customers of their clients.

1. Make your employees happy
Contact centers that invest in employee satisfaction will definitely receive above average work quality from the employees’ end. A happy and satisfied customer will not hesitate to put extra efforts to satisfy the end customers. As a result, customers will always choose your client’s brand over others while shopping. In simple words, the loyalty of customers is directly proportional to contentment of agents.

2. Give priority to quality rather than quantity
Metrics like average handling time are slowly becoming obsolete as quality of resolution in present scenario is more crucial than time taken to handle the call. It is therefore necessary to improve the first resolution score, which will ensure that customers don’t have to call time and again to receive the best resolution. Several call center outsourcing companies in India are using customer-centric metrics to enhance quality of the process.

3. Use right set of phrases
You must use a combination of phrases, reflect concern for the customers. For example, the phrase, “Is there anything else I can support you with?” can be used before ending the call to add trust factor in the interactions. Make sure to avoid negative words and slangs to maintain the quality of the interaction.

4. Improve the quality of IVR system
It is not a hidden point that a major chunk of customers rely on IVR system of company to resolve their issues. Therefore, you must design the IVR menu efficiently so that the customers don’t feel disappointed. Limiting the number of options at each level of IVR menu, providing IVR support in multiple languages and giving an option to connect with agent at each menu level are some of the methods that will enhance the customer satisfaction level and ultimately their loyalty.

5. Categorize the customers
Categorization should not be done only on the basis of spending done by the customers. You should also segment the customers on the basis of how they react on specific type of resolutions. This will help in developing appropriate responses for different segments of customers.

Customer retention by Vcare Call Center
A reputed contact center firm follows these techniques in a balanced manner to ensure that end customer of their clients remain content and loyal. Vcare Call Centers India is one such outsourcing vendor that puts complete dedication for retaining customers of its esteemed clients.