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Why call center outsourcing vendors must use social media?

Gone are those times when customer support through phone in combination with IVR menus was sufficient to satisfy the customers. In present scenario, a customer is more tech-savvy and active on multiple social media channels.

Therefore, the customers expect the brands to respond the queries through social media channels which are used quite frequently by them.

Let’s go through some benefits of social media that can be enjoyed by call centers offering customer support services.

You can monitor customer issues on social media
Social media channels have become highly popular platforms for customers especially Gen X and Gen Y to post their complaints related to a brand. If you are active on these channels, you can track down these complaints and offer a suitable resolution. This will ensure that reputation of the brand remains safe and free of any negative publicity.

Your clients can stay ahead of the competitors
Staying ahead of the competitors is one of the primary goals of every brand in present scenario. A call center service provider can help the brands in achieving this goal effectively through social media customer support. This can be done by responding to customer queries much faster than other players in the industry. Giving the optimum solution through personalized responses can also result in beating the competitors and winning like a pro.

You can boost productivity of agents
By posting images and score of top performers of call center, vendors can boost the morale of every employee in the firm. This will ensure that every agent uses a combination of hard work and smart work to achieve recognition on social media profile page of their employers.

You can receive feedback of customers
Feedbacks are highly important tool to analyze the level of satisfaction of end-customers. And call centers can use social media channels to collect feedback of the customers after providing the resolution. This will not only help in improving the quality of services but will also give assurance to the end-customers that you take them seriously. Customer support agents must not forget to send a ‘Thank You’ message after receiving feedback from the customer’s end.

You can promote the brand
Staying active round the clock for customer support is sufficient enough to develop a positive name for an organization. But you can also ‘Share’ the posts of the customers reflecting the satisfactory service from your end. You can also ask your satisfied customers to ‘Share’ the response from the company to spread the awareness of the brand among the friends and followers of the end-customers.

Vcare is a call center outsourcing vendor that implements social media as one of the major channels to handle customer queries. Finest customer support through social media and all other channels has made it one of the most trusted and result-oriented call centers operating across the globe.