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Pay Per Click Management

Call Centers Operations (CCO) offers PPC (pay per click) advertising and PPC management services that are formulated by our PPC experts. With accurate search engine specific principles and techniques, success in PPC can be achieved to a greater extent.

We offer specific operational instructions & guidelines for PPC advertising for all major search engines. Our Pay per click management services ensure that your campaigns are target specific and goal oriented. The bonus points of our services including their affordability and accountability are that these help you in creating a brand presence and generating leads in a low investment.

Our PPC campaign methodology ensures that leads & sales become your ROI. Our PPC t methodology comprehends:

  • Targeting the right keywords that could generate maximum leads through PPC campaigns.
  • Developing highly sales oriented and online lead generation based titles and descriptions for display on PPC ads.
  • Determining a safe upper bid limit that avoids any involvement in bidding wars as it may lower the ROI.
  • Proper usage of CTR (Click Through Rate), CPC (Cost Per Click) and other factors to ensure that the campaign is moving on the right path.

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