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Email Marketing Services

Today’s volatile market and daily emerging trends needs more than just sending bulk email at a once. W offer you a dynamic and product oriented online communications package better known as E-mail marketing. Addressing audiences, every e-mail is send to a potential target or existing customer covering every tidbit to technical information in a beautifully designed format.

This form of electronic marketing helps you to strengthen your relationship with consumers and increase the loyalty towards product. Providing you innovative technology and strategic services in a package, Call Centers Operations (CCO) boasts of a complete portfolio in email marketing solutions including direct marketing applications, data management, data intelligence, lead generation and email lists, interactive applications and best practices consulting.

Call Centers Operations(CCO) is an innovative industry-leading provider of online email marketing solutions. The results are effective and can be easily measured. An advertiser can track users via auto responders, web bugs, bounce messages, unsubscribed requests, read receipts, click-through, etc. These mechanisms are metrics to analyze the response of consumers and track conversion rates.

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