Why Call Centers Operations (CCO) is Right Outsourcing Partner?

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Why Call Centers Operations (CCO) is Right Outsourcing Partner for your Call Center Services?

To transform the speed breakers of the way of call center outsourcing into milestones, CCO conforms and assures

1) Language: We provide you multi-language support. All agents are proficient in English and with no accent.

2) Confidentiality: CCO is sensitive to customer concerns. To maintain the sanctity of your data, information or intellectual property strict guidelines are followed.

3) Project Expertise: With team comprising various skilled professionals, we are never short of it. The 12 hour hiatus helps us to deliver better and on 24/7 basis, without any interruption. The management team of CCO has more than combined experience and expertise of 50 years to handle various domains.

With CCO, outsourcing can be easier than ever before. An unsaid and unwavering commitment towards quality of the work and delivery system make us stand apart in the outsourcing arena.

Our services promise a reduced turnaround delivery time, save you cost and increase the productivity for your business.

Our value added back office solutions for your business:

Call Answering Services
These services help small to large business to be in touch with their customers. This inbound call answering service helps you to immediately respond to the query of your customer through e-mail or phone even, when you are away from the office.

E-mail and Chat Support Services
E-mail has become the most popular mean of communication. At CCO, we bring best of agents to promptly respond to live chats in professional manner. They are skilled to handle one or more chat simultaneously. Our e-mail and chat support services are secure, fast and reliable.

Research Activities
Research is the backbone of any foundation. At CCO, we understand the significance of research activities. The research is done by experienced research scholars to give you most accurate results based upon facts and rationale.

Live Call Handling
Technology may progress to wide extent but cannot replace human being. Live call handling is done by professional agents who have the potential to convert lead into an actual sales.

Lead Generation/ Appointment Scheduling:
This cost effective outbound telemarketing services help your team by picking lead that would actually sell. Scheduling appointment when the factors like time and costs are critical, these services maximize the results by dropping the response time.

Seminar Registrations and Surveys
Be it about maximized attendance in seminars or doing a survey for your existing or an upcoming product, CCO fits into your bills.

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