Tips To Improve Email & Chat Support for Enhanced Outsourced Customer Services

The technology has evolved exponentially in the last decade. More and more people are adopting new technologies for communications and other daily activities. Organizations are also using these newly evolved communication channels for providing better customer support services to their customers. Vendors providing outsourced customer support services have also included them under their service offerings.

Here are a few tips that would help you in improving your email & chat support services:

Email Chat Support Services

Maintain A Live Hub For Information:  It would be good to have a live knowledge base which is updated frequently to make it more comprehensive and efficient. Email and chat support agents can suggest new and effective ways of handling customers or answering certain frequently asked questions. These suggestions should be reviewed to ensure that they are right for the knowledge base. Further, new updates should be passed to all the teams working in the customer support department. Phone answering team, email handling team, web chat team and social media teams should be provided this information as soon as possible. The effective flow of this information would help your teams in delivering better customer support services.

Maintain Quick Response Time:  While email support services can do without immediate response but the web chat support services need to be instantaneous. Further, queries coming in from email or fax should also be resolved as soon as possible. Fix a 24 hour response time for all such queries and make sure you meet the deadline. Don’t give your customers any chance to complain. Once you are able to handle queries on time from all communication channels, your customer satisfaction rate would enhance automatically.

Use A Sophisticated Email Routing System:  You can save a lot of time and hassle by implementing a sophisticated email routing system that could route the calls to the right agents. Agents should be categorized according to the types of queries that they are trained to handle. The routing system should be intelligent enough to identify the type of queries and then route it too the right agent. Organizations that use outsourced customer support services should check the accuracy of these routing systems as outsourcing vendors might not tell the complete truth all the time. An efficient call center company would have a strong IT background and team that could take care of their various software requirements.

Web chat and email support are the new channels for customer support services. Not many customers would know the right way of using these channels therefore it would be better if you take a proactive step in this direction and provide your customers with relevant information that could help them in efficient use of these customer support channels.

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