Facets of a call center industry that proves their superiority.

In the present economy companies are bracing themselves with challenging times where cost becomes a significant concern and excellence is something nobody is willing to negotiate. That is when organizations look to deploy their services to an outsourcing call center firm. One of the few reasons is that the call center industries have access to the best of technology, infrastructure is exceptional and they have access to the best of humans across the industry.

Call centers operations (CCO) have varied services under our umbrella which ranges from inbound services, outbound services, internet marketing, software development, back office support which is followed by email and chat support services. However the channel for services at CCO is unending. They keep accumulating as per the requirements of consumers. The fundamentals of call center outsourcing services are to push and pull the products across all the market verticals. The agents that help derive such services are motivated and enthusiastic towards achieving the organization goals. Irrespective of the challenges faced by the organization the setup of outbound service provider is done in a way that they yield maximum returns. However, across these varied services a few geographies in our service department that help us create a niche in the market are as:

Redefining the interaction process through automation

CCO offers numerous options for automated dialing resolutions and solutions so that you can select a technology that best aligns with your goals. The department of marketing, sales, operations has experienced expansions in productivity by almost 400% with the inbound and outbound process.

Intensifying call per hour

With the advanced automated dialer solution the algorithms ensure that the inbound and outbound operations connect to more customers and prospects which most of the times sees an increase of 350% more calls as compared to manually dialed calls. This fast paced approach to dialing options results in improved and healthier call center operations which are helpful in attaining more appointments, collections and revenue.

Improved performance by agents

Strong integration with Customer relationship management (CRM) module significantly enhances the efficiency. For an example tools like, ‘click-to-dial’ within the CRM screen assist the representatives with quick dial which alongside delivers relevant information to the customer within the call. The automated dialer option which is synced with the CRM module will enhance the performance of your operations.


CCO empowers its systems with tools that are required for them to stay obedient and compliant. Adherence to the calling guidelines by controlling the DNC (Do not call) requests across the inbound and outbound operations.

Materialize your requirements with Call Center Operations

Are you looking to nurture your relations with the existing customers and create a new set of customers in the meanwhile? Are you looking to improve your leads, enhance the contact ratio and close a deal?

Then CCO is just the right place where your expectations can be met in the best possible way. We are a pioneer when it comes to dealing with the sales and customer management and with the sync of automated dialing feature we are able to achieve the goals set by our clients effortlessly.

Lists of inbound services provided by us are:

 Outsourcing Call Center Services

 Customer Care Support

 Order Taking

 Technical Helpdesk Support

A list of outbound services provided by us is:

 Telemarketing Services

 Marketing research & Survey

 Outbound appointment Schedule

 Follow up mail/Calling

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