Archives for September 2012

Outsource Call Center Cost Comparison

There is no denying the fact that most people outsource only because it costs less. Every businessperson loves an inexpensive alternative. But making cost as the only deciding factor isn’t a wise decision either. We, Call Center Operations, have been in this industry for too long now to understand how the pricing mechanism works. We have many clients coming to us after they have had terrible experiences with their former outsource vendors. They Read more [...]

Step in Your Customer’s Shoes to Enhance Customer Experience

Customer Experience or CX is what really determines the sustainability of your customer base. And that is why world over the companies and brands are working to enhance their CX. We at Call Centers Operations, have our own unique method for it. Well firstly for starters, what is CX? Starting from the purchase, to the usage, every experience associated with the product constitutes CX. So if the customer has to stand in a queue to buy the product, Read more [...]

How is your phone answered depends on who is answering it

Telephone is not just a phone for an enterprise. It is the gateway, the door, through which your customers enter your world of business. Ever wondered then that what is an unanswered phone call like? It’s a shut door, which didn't open despite the knocks and the doorbells! And also then what is a badly answered phone call? It’s like slamming the door in the face of your customers. No enterprise ever wants to do this of course! Every business Read more [...]

The Right Fuel for the Search Engine After Penguin and Panda

Like any other engine, the search engine also works only if you provide it with the right fuel. And the in the world, post-panda and penguin updates, you better have only the RIGHT fuel. After all, no other concoction can ever replace fuel. Categorically speaking, metaphors aside, black-hat SEO can ever replace good, genuine, professional white hat SEO. And this is probably why our SEO department at Call Center Operations has been flooded with Read more [...]