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Strategy for Call Center Operations during Holidays

The Christmas & New Year Eve is near and the holiday seasons will be starting in a short while. Employees in the call centers must be really exciting to go for their vacations with their loved ones and skip their professional work accordingly. This is good for many of us, but what will happen to the massive customers who rely of the customer care executives for any support. Business establishments with a client centric approach need to manage Read more [...]

Follow the Secrets to Create a High Performing Call Center Team

There might be a thousand techniques and tips that have been published so far that discuss the strategy of a team building. Experts also suggest some great methods. But in reality, it is easy to talk but complex to handle a team of a call center outsourcing industry with highly oriented team performance. Here are some of the new tips that can help your contact center to establish a team that is excelling in all the spheres of your organization. Here Read more [...]