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Call Center Furniture – Adding Glamor to Professionalism

The life at a call center is a matter of great fun and excitement. The level of the enjoyment raises more if the office ambiance is supported by modern-day infrastructure and well integrated space for all the call center operations. The role played by office furniture has a great command to motivate the working lifestyle. Calling agents and other employees are seen working for long hours and often observed that they become exhausted with the same Read more [...]

Call Center Dress Code – Exhibiting Your Professionalism

Life at a call center has a great glamor which is often reflected with the dress code that the professionals carry. It is always a good feeling to observe an employee who carries their professional attire in a pleasant manner. Especially, organizations that plan call center outsourcing will definitely try to have a clear view about the professionalism that a particular contact center is adhering. Therefore, it is extremely vital to follow an ethical Read more [...]

How To Train a Call Center Agent for Better Customer Support!

Call center agents are the straight contacts of the potential customers to your organization. It is therefore, essential that your customer calling agents are responsible for serving the customers with utmost help and take the company's position to the top. The agents are the pillars of a call center and play an outstanding role in defining the organization's CRM strategy. The training process of the new comers in a call center can vary in accordance Read more [...]

Words & Phrases That Brings Customer Smile

The engagement to a customer over a telephone is one of the main task that is usually observed in a call center. Customer care executives (CCE) spend 90% of their scheduled time either by making a call to a customer or by receiving a call regarding some inquiry or complaint. In this aspect, a CCE has to take a great control of the emotions that can usually take place due to some matter concerning any service or support. Therefore, call center agents Read more [...]