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Research Activities
“We ascertain high level of accuracy, timely deliveries, total confidentiality and cost effective Web Research Services by collecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative information”
E-Mail And Chat Support Service
“Email/Chat Support is increasingly becoming the most popular form of communication and has now become the primary means of data transmission and customer relationship management”

There are plenty of essential services that businesses need nowadays. Some of which are services that improves their capital or cash flow like invoice discounting. Most companies also use services of consultancy firms to ensure that they are doing their business the right way. Aside from these mentioned company needs, call centers have also become essential especially to companies whose business are directly dealing with consumers. If your are looking to outsource your call center needs, then you should definitely partner with Call Centers Operations.

Call Centers Operations(CCO) is a leader in offering cost effective back office operation & call center outsourcing solutions. By choosing us to outsource your back office operations you can be assure of customer – focused services and efficiently restructure cost-effective back office solutions spanning various industries segments like accounting, finance etc.

Back office operations services of Call Centers Operations (CCO) offer corporate, non-core services, distance routine administrative tasks, customer service and technical support functions. We make outsourcing of Back Office Services simpler than ever. Outsourcing with Call Centers Operations (CCO) gives you the scope to exchange high fixed costs and management drain of in-house Back-Office Operation from the variable cost, flexibility, control and expertise.

Benefits of outsourcing back office operations:

  • Ensures complete information and accuracy for improved vendor and customer relationships
  • Integrates with other applications for simpler retrieval of documents
  • Reduce cycle times with automatic content-centric processing
  • Reduce storage costs with a central electronic warehouse
  • Mitigates the risk with automatic audit trails, document histories and records management

Our clients come from wide spectrum of industries and professions including financial services, real estate, insurance brokerage, shipping, distribution, importing, exporting, health care, hospitality, communications and others.

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